What I love…

simple JRT

I love this – in spite of the fact that I have moved so fast I couldn’t catch myself most of my life, I value the simple life. I love home and my dog and music and books and quiet time. For so many years I have been devoid of true quiet time… only those moments stolen in the still of the wee morning hours were truly mine.

I love community; I love helping others and knowing who my neighbors are, but after losing my mother and father, I find that I must claim some of the hours that were normally slated for everything else, for me – to drink in the memories of my 70 years on this planet and all I have done and learned and un-learned.

Reflection gives way to a better today and tomorrow, allowing me to share, hopefully from my experiences to help people avoid the pitfalls I myself have encountered, as well as the joys and successes. 

simple abundance

We all have a book inside of us…mine has been being crafted for years…it is actually on my bucket list is to bring it to fruition before my time on Earth expires.

My favorite book in the world, as I have said many times, is “Simple Abundance.” It saved me at a very dark time in my life. Once I discovered it, I read it daily for five years. That daybook of simplicity, joy, balance, order and harmony suggested tools that I did my best to apply to my life. I did and the dedication to those 5 principles birthed wonderful results, even with the ups and downs of life that we all experience.

I commit to re-visiting that life-jacket of a book in 2019. Simplicity – as I learned from that wonderful book – is indeed simple, for it taught me that “All you have is all you truly need.”


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