September 9, 2018

life lessons grays anatomy

It has been a year since I closed on my Lakeside house, and with many starts and stops, each time believing I was almost at the finish line, I finally am really almost there. I can almost touch that finish line…ALMOST. Only those closest to me know, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Many things that had value have been shared, evaluated, and discarded or kept. This has been quite the road less traveled, but truly a spiritual journey full of epiphanies. Other Baby Boomers who may also be where I am, are looking back at what and who has mattered on their path.

Lessons are understood now…some lessons I did not even know I was being taught. Things I once believed have been challenged and truths revealed. I have lived a life of adventure and see how I have been placed in many roles I would not have chosen myself, but were truly placed in them because they were mine to fill. I strived always to go beyond mediocrity and never was satisfied with my results because I wanted what I did to matter, to really matter. I still feel that way.

Unlike many who say they would not change a thing in their lives, I would. Hindsight is 20/20. With that hindsight, however, at this stage of my life, I believe that if I ever strayed from the path that was mine to walk, there was always Divine Intervention gifted me so that I could find a new road that would lead me back to the true path of my Earthly sojourn.

Just as nature reveals many answers with her changing seasons, animals bring insights to me to aide me on my journey. I embrace their traits and the gifts they present me. I AM aware. I AM grateful, and I AM blessed today to revisit a post from last year which opens my eyes once again to snippets of insight for the next road I have chosen to walk.

Sundays are special days, and with Fall in the air, today I Fall in love again with the gift of life and the tests given, passed or failed – for I know today that even the failed tests contain wisdom for the journey.


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