Today, as I search for flights that will connect and will work to get me from here to “there,” this picture is me, just a little girl in my mind, waiting, packed, ready to go home and see my Daddy. As I learned from the last 8 years of my mother’s life (she had lung cancer), when you live afar, you try to make each visit you are blessed to have, perfect – perfect because it could be the last time you ever see them alive. Perfect in that you want to say all that needs to be said, perfect in that you get them anything they need or want, no matter what it is. Perfect in that you have made sure that you have said everything you need to say to them so they know beyond a doubt how much they mean to you – how much you appreciate all the sacrifices they made so you could go to school, do those things you thought were so important that may have been a true hardship for them to get them for you – a perfect visit…ended with a perfect hug and kiss and memory to hold on to…just in case it is the last. 

As now, among the “Motherless daughters” of the world, I KNOW beyond a doubt how precious our parents really are and I am grateful I still have my Daddy.

Oh Christmas – oh family, oh visits…all so very precious – gifts that cannot be wrapped with paper and a bow and placed under a tree, but true gifts none-the-less.

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