WHAT I BELIEVE – Did you meet your 2014 goals?


We have turned the calendar over to a new month – December, the last month of the year, the 12th month. The next turn will move us into 2015.

If there is anything we wanted to accomplish in 2014, we still have this month left to accomplish it.   Do you even remember where you put your goals, your things-to-do in 2014, or your vision board?

Most of us are too busy in December to look at what is left, what is undone or what can be done in this last month. Our focus now is on the holiday season. If we did not check ourselves quarterly, or more often, to see if we were on task, we probably are not.

I was taught that most people do not have clear and measurable goals. In fact, a lot of us were not taught to set goals. Many of the baby boomers had parents that who had grown up during the depression and they were grateful for their jobs and everything that they had; many, however, possessed the fear factor that never left them. They remember going through hard times, and they lived life differently. They took a job and stayed with it for life. They worked hard and took care of their families. They did not take chances or waste their lives “dreaming.”

Children live what they learn, thus, we normally find ourselves doing what our parents have done. Some of us, though not taught to set goals, learned how to set goals by osmosis. I recall groups I have been involved in when we started having action plans. We wrote down what we wanted to do, the steps to accomplish it and a timeline. Our teachers taught us this in a roundabout way in school when we had to choose our subject for our term paper and were given the date it was due.

I feel I was hard-wired to be a Type A personality, because as far back as I remember, I waited until the 11th hour to get my projects done. The adrenaline would flow and the creative ideas would come and working non-stop till the deadline. I would energize. That has been my M.O. all my life.

I have always made lists of things to do – daily things or weekly, maybe. In the 80’s, I was exposed to the Franklin Planner, took the class, bought the book with daily pages. I was given the choice of labeling my things to do on a daily basis with A, B, C or what they called “Rocks that Roll!” I do not recall the meaning of those rocks, but I do know that I was labeling everything as A’s and having to roll them over to the next day or the next, or the next. Nonetheless, it was a way of setting goals, because even rolling things over, they eventually got done. I did learn they cannot all be “A’s.”

Then there was the Vision Board. I learned about those in the 80’s or 90’s; some called it treasure mapping. You saved or collected magazines, bought a poster board and some glue, got out your scissors and cut out the things that spoke to you.   You then pasted those things on your board – things you would like to see materialize in your life.

I have done this several times in my life, I discovered that by daily or weekly viewing my board that many of those things actually came in to my life.

I did a radio show in 2007 or ’08 on this very thing. People gathered for the workshop and the day was like child’s play – but we were actually working – goal setting. Ken and Lauren Hosie of Open Spaces Yoga were at that workshop. Ken asked a poignant question, since many of us were fascinated with Feng Shui, the ancient art of oriental placement. That question was, “Did you mean for us to Feng Shui our vision boards?” Oh my goodness! Of course! What a novel approach. Thus, we divided our boards into nine sections, just like the Feng Shui Bagua.

We all got excited; it seemed like we had a real plan.   The Bagua seemed the perfect answer to make sure every area of our lives would be planned. It encompassed prosperity, fame and character, relationships, family and community, health and wellness, children and creativity, self-cultivation and knowledge, career and helpful people and travel.

Everyone seemed clear; we had a map and we got to choose what went into each of those nine quadrants.   We had a mound of magazines and we passed them around; we even cut out for each other and when the day was over, most had completed their boards.

Later in the year, I followed up with the participants and the majority of them had things come in to their lives that they had put on their board. Of course, I discovered that those that looked at their boards daily or at least frequently, seemed to have the best results. My own board was testimony of whether that process had worked or not…and it had! Six out of none areas on my board had actually materialized. I became a real believer in this way of setting goals.

Now, back to one month left to complete your goals for 2014. I did the board in 2013, but got lax in 2014. What a year I have had! It is not a year I would have planned for myself.

I will not fail to plan for 2015. I have been invited to a Thankmas; we will be doing vision boards this month. I am so excited! I will not leave 2015 to chance. I am goal setting!

Lewis Carroll said, “Any road will get you there, if you don’t know where you are going.”

It has been scientifically proven that those that write down their goals have a higher percentage of achievement. Pictures work, too!

The clock is ticking for 2014… December is here. I still can accomplish one or two of the things I wanted in my life for 2014, but it is not the same as giving yourself a whole year and timelines to “get-r-done!” Being specific about what you want changes things.

I hope this inspires you either get at least one last thing in for 2014, or to jump-start your 2015 goal setting, so you will not be in December next year watching the clock or calendar… and feeling remorseful that you did not do it.

I BELIEVE that seeing is “believing,” and I am putting my desires for 2015 on – not just any poster board – but a “colored” poster board. My December 2015 blog will address the results!

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