October 20, 2014

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I am almost positive that I would be from The Victorian Era.  I love all those vintage things.  I often tell people who I love velvet, lace, pearls, linen and silk…though not necessarily in that order.  That said, I gravitate toward the values of that era and the overall values it represented.

Queen Victoria ushered in The Era and it survived for some 64 Years.  It was primarily a period of peace and prosperity, refined sensibilities,  and national confidence for Britain.  Simply put,  it was a period of change.  It was a period reflecting highly moralistic, strait-laced behavior and values.  Romanticism and Religion leaned toward mysticism,  arts and social values.  Though it had its negatives like all eras, it nonetheless was,  for the most part, a period of prosperity where people were clear about morals – no gray lines here,  it was black or white.  Today once again, because history repeats itself,  most of us acknowledge that some kind of change is happening all over the world – it is just that no one can seem to pin point what the changes actually are.  We seem to just feel it intuitively.   Some say the vibration of the planet is changing and that those who are unable to rise to the new vibration will take leave physically.  Regardless of your belief about this,  I think we can all FEEL that something is about to happen.

We wake up daily with someone else to telling us what is trending.  Because of the bombardment of technology, we are not even thinking for ourselves – in fact,  we have little time to think with all the demands placed on us today; all those time-saving devices allows us to do more,  but we never seem to catch up.  We are allowing others to tell us what we think, or at least, influencing it.  We are in a period of Instant Communication where we react rather than ponder.  This would not have been acceptable in The Victorian Era.  People knew it would be deplorable to “color outside the lines.”

Most of us know we are out of balance,  velcroed to our cell phones,  emails and,  of course, the biggest influences of all times – Facebook and Twitter.  Most of us cannot go an hour,  let alone a day,  without checking in…I am talking about me,  too…but we do need to do what my Father always told us when he sat us down for a disciplinary action – “THINK FIRST – there are always consequences to our actions.” Having actually just taken my first vacation in 14 months,  I unplugged enough to know that,  if we take time each day,  to PONDER the events of the day and what is before us…we can trust ourselves to have our own thoughts and see things clearly when needing to make a decision.

Do we want to revisit The Victorian Era?   Probably not exactly,  but we need to find The Balance everyone talks about so we do not self-destruct.  My recommendation: get away from your work and home,  where there are so many demands,  and test it for yourself!  You WILL be surprised!

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