November 3, 2014

In high school, I was editor of my high school paper and yearbook.  I loved news and was a weekly winner of The Birmingham News’ “KNOW YOUR NEWS” contest which aired on television.  I continually won and was finally retired from the contest.  I won The High School Journalism Institute Award for Jefferson County and got to attend The Summer Journalism School at The University of Alabama where we put together an entire newspaper; I was the Sports Editor and had the great pleasure of interviewing Paul Bear Bryant.    I also won a 4 year scholarship to The University of Alabama for Journalism, but even with the path that I had carved out, I chose the path less traveled – adventure.  I went down many roads and had adventures and experiences that gave me knowledge about people and life!  At 66 one would not expect someone to pick up a career path that started in high school, but I have and I am excited about it!  I am now a Reporter for The White Mountain Independent.
I have interviewed many people over the years on radio and television; I love learning about and promoting people.  I have also been a contributing writer to several publications.  Today, as I change career titles, I will still be doing what I have been doing – interviewing and promoting people…but, as Joe Friday from “Dragnet” said, “…just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.”  As a report, you report.  You do not give your opinion, just the facts.  Of course the flair with which you write about those facts captures or turns away your reader.   My focus will be on human interest stories as well as business and government.  I will cover the great stories about people and businesses in our community, along with the late breaking news stories – and regular things you just want to know from events to what is going on with your government.  I have been dubbed, “The Most Trusted Voice on The Mountain,” and I plan to carry that title with me as I put pen to paper or hands to keyboard!    So,when you see me out and about, especially if you see me talking to someone, know that you will need to pick up a paper, or log on to, to find out what I am writing about.  You can also let me know if there is something you would like have investigated or reported on.
Henry Luce said, “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.”  Finding my way back to writing for a living, as a journalist, I may not come as close as possible to the heart of the world, but I will come as close as possible to the heart of Our Mountain.
So, for those of you that may have misplaced or abandoned a dream you once had, know that even at 66 or beyond, a new road can be built…you just have to choose to take it.

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