November 10, 2014

Since my Mother passed, I find myself asking questions  that many of us have thought about at various times in our lives about life and death and religion and spirituality.

What do I really believe?  I was baptised a Catholic. I grew up a Catholic, but in the 60s I  took a circuitous route and over the years ventured out and sought “awakening” from many different religions.  I was exposed to Science of Mind, Unity, traditional religions like Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, then Baha’i, Quaker, Nazarene, Non Denominational and others. I have read extensively, meditated, prayed and listened to the beliefs of others.  In fact, I “believe” myBelieve Radio Show was really for me.  Interviewing many who shared their belief systems and their journeys enabled me, and I hope others, to examine their own.

This year, with the death of my Mother and Sister, I find myself again searching and asking the same questions.

Today, I want to share a poem I wrote during another period of searching when I went back to The Catholic Church.  I know many of you were brought up Catholic and have left the Church.  I share this with you and others that may be searching, to give you food for thought about your own spiritual search.

The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Should we be in the religion our parents exposed us to?  Do we use it as a training ground and then choose our own?   Do we return to what we were taught because it is where we are supposed to be, or in times of trouble seek the comfort of what we taught? How do we know?

My poem – I call it THE JOURNEY WITHIN:

I was born a Catholic
Christened and Reared
Until the 60s
When Tim Leary appeared.

True love and astrology
Became my Life-Line,
It was peace and love, 
A sign of the times.

As the decade faded,
A new search began,
It was Transcendental Meditation,
Yoga and Zen.

Then the path spiraled,
Healing arts consumed,
On to Science of Mind
And Baker-Eddy’s Reading Room.

Unity beckoned
And I opened the door,
Leading to Reiki,
Card reading and more.

Taking a detour,
I found “The Book, 
So I stopped for a while
To take a LOOK.

The path of tradition
Now had appeal,
But, was it ILLUSION
or was it REAL?

The road seemed blocked –
Do I stay or go?
I prayed for guidance,
“God, please let me know.”

Then I heard a voice,
a soft audible tone
That clearly stated,
“Catholic, Come Home.”

Was this my answer?
Was my search at an end – 
At home, a Catholic – 
Back to where I began?

The moral is simple,
So listen,My Friend.
Stay where you are –
For the Journeys WITHIN!

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